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About me

I am Maxim Voronin - technician, photographer and amateur videographer. Lover of optics and electronics. I work as a leading technologist at the optical company @Vormaxlens. I was the creator of this project, but in view of employment and certain business requirements, i transferred #Vormaxlens to commercial management. Since I'm more interested in creating new devices, rather than promoting commercial products. I have a couple of higher engineering degrees that allow me to approach any issue from a technical solution point of view. I create the #Voroninlens project to implement bold solutions and ideas, as well as more affordable sales of my old proven technologies, and of course products of my friends and colleagues.
In the field of media: I shoot 3D videos and photos, create video and acoustic installations. In my spare time, I design and upgrade more than just lenses. I design electronic devices, amplifiers, and satellite systems. Often factory products do not meet their quality, so they have to be reworked. I have my own ideas and developments in other areas of technology besides the well-known anamorphic attachments, Petzval lenses, focus reducers, and other teleconverters and extenders. So I want to share them on the new project @Voroninlens. Here I am interested in free, experimental and liberal technologies, piece copies, something that cannot be implemented in accordance with the policy of Vormaxlens. Vormax stores are now popular and conservative on various trading platforms (eBay, Vormax.org, Vormaxlens.com ) and have a lot of positive reviews. They begin procedure working on Amazon.  Therefore on #vormaxlens are quite strict criteria and few opportunities for creativity. This site has a space for creative in the field of  technology and optics.

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If you want to support my projects Voroninlens in optical mechanics, the development of anamorphic lenses, Petzval lenses and other art lenses, you can transfer the money. In return I can offer a discount on my products now and in the future and also tests any of my lenses and the information you need on lensmade. It is also possible cooperation, partnership and sponsorship. Money are accepted with a PayPal, VISA, Master Card or Yandex money. The amount is specified in dolars or rubles.

Если вы хотите поддержать мой проект Воронинленс в области оптической механики, развитие в сфере анаморфотных объективов, объективов Петцваля и других объективов для художественной съёмки, вы можете перевести деньги. Взамен я могу предложить скидку на мои продукты сейчас и в будущем, а так же тесты любых моих объективов и интересующую вас информацию по объективостроению. Также возможно сотрудничество, партнерство и спонсорство. Деньги принимаются с помощью системы PayPal, VISA, Master Card или Яндекс Деньги. Сумма указывается в долларах или рублях.