Helios 40-2 85mm f/1.5 lens for M42

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Lens Zenit MC Helios 40-2 85 mm F/1.5 has compact dimensions, which is important for carrying out both professional and Amateur photography. Is the best option for DSLR full-frame and film cameras. Through the use of this lens possible personal camera, you can greatly expand.

High art with Zenit MC Helios 40-2 85 mm F/1.5

Without a doubt, the lens is one of the most common optical devices in the domestic market. This creature can work with open aperture, allowing you to get an excellent and original image. The main advantage of the lens lies in its non-standard"build"three-dimensional space, creating a truly cinematic picture. This lens allows you to shoot moving objects, it is suitable for shooting in low-light conditions. In addition, it make wonderful portraits, and street shooting lens almost has no equal. This makes it among the many domestic and perhaps even foreign counterparts, even if the lens does not have autofocus.

Allocated the most important thing

Legendary fast lens Zenit MC Helios 40-2 85 mm F/1.5 literally able to"cut"the subject in a significant degree of highlighting it from the environment. Each of the images taken with this lens, are three-dimensional (the so-called"bokeh"). If it is correct to frame the picture, you can get an artistic photo. Achromatic enlightenment (the index of the MS in the title) allows to increase the transmittance and scatter light, which is very convenient when shooting near a bright light source.


Technical details:


Focal length: 85 mm

Dissipation factor: not more than 0.03

Transmittance: not less than 0.75

Thread for light filters: M67x0,75

Field angle: 28°

Dimensions: Ø 82х99 mm (without lids)

Weight: 950 g (without lids)


maximum: 1:1,5

minimum: 1:22




lens Zenit MC Helios 40-2 M42 85 mm F/1.5

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