Vormaxlens Vormascope 1.3x

anamorphic adapter for cinema projector

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Anamorphic lens is an adapter that attaches to the taking lens (your projector lens). It is a real anamorphic adapter compressing the image.

Anamorphic adapter attach in front of the taking lens. Focusing is done the taking lens of the projector, the adapter has a through single focus.

The adapter changes the aspect ratio to 1.3x. You can pull the standard aspect ratio of an old 4:3 office projector to almost 16:9. And if you have a 16:9 projector, pull up the image to a movie standard of almost 2.35:1. If you turn the adapter to 90 degrees on the 16:9 projector then the image will narrow to 4:3 and you can watch old movies.

Vormascope is more suitable for projector, not video shooting.

Vormascope 1.3x is enclosed in a metal case with combined optics – glass and polymer. Compression ratio is about 1.3x. The lenses have a multi-lightening, anti-reflective or other coating.

The diameter of the anamorphic adapter is 82 mm. The diameter of the front lens is 80 mm. There is also 82 mm thread for filter (macro filters may be used to shoot very close objects).

This adapter works with many projector. Vignetting may occur at a slightly wide angles with a closely spaced screen on big projector sensor. The projection angle should not be wider than 75 degrees to avoid vignetting. If the front filter of your projector lens rotate - then the installation of the anamorphic adapter will have to be undertaken on the rig (cage) next to the lens. The anamorphic adapter must not rotate during shooting, otherwise the horizontal compression ratio will change.

It can be installed on any projector lens with different diameters using adapter rings to 67 mm (mount of anamorphic adapter). It is desirable that the diameter of the front lens of the taking lens was less than 70mm. If it is more, may experience vignetting and spherical aberration. If the front lens diameter of your projector is more than 72mm, the adapter may not fit (you need to measure the the front lens diameter of your projector, not mounting diameter).

These are prototypes of adapters. There are many varieties of projectors, besides all projectors have zoom lenses with different focal lengths. It's hard to make the 100% universal adapter.

There are examples of videos on YouTube and Vimeo. 

Length - 65 mm, diameter - 82 mm, mounting - 67 mm. Weight ~ 160 grams.


The adapter does not have a clamping device included.


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